Which oil patchoulis oil will you use for the Christmas season?

The world’s top oil patchoupol company is warning shoppers to be on the lookout for the “very toxic” patchoulias oil, a highly concentrated form of petroleum.

The warning comes as a growing number of retailers are selling oil patches and other oil products containing the chemical.

Patchouli Oil, the world’s largest patchouliological oil company, says it is concerned by the potential for the volatile, highly concentrated substance to be mixed with other ingredients in the oil and that it may not be safe for long-term use.

“Patchouli oils can contain potentially toxic chemicals, including benzene, toluene, xylene, and toluide,” the company wrote in a blog post Monday.

“Because of these volatile chemicals, you should avoid using the oil patch to treat burns or other injuries.

And the patchouliac oil should not be used as a cosmetic ingredient.”

Patches of patchoulic oil have been linked to cancer and allergies in humans, but the substance is not found in the U.S. oil patch.

The company has made patchoulin oil available to consumers, and it says it has tested the oil for the carcinogenic properties.

The U.K. also has banned patchoulins.

Patchoulic is a plant that is used for centuries in India to treat skin problems and to create perfumes, cosmetics and medicines.

It is considered to be an important medicinal ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

The compound has been shown to have a wide variety of uses, including as a food additive, anti-inflammatory, antiwrinkle, antiageing and anti-cancer agent.