Which camphor oils are safe to use?

The US Food and Drug Administration has banned use of camphor-derived products and recommended they be avoided in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but some oils have been found to be safe for use.

In a statement to Reuters, the FDA said it had been unable to establish safety standards for some camphor compounds and urged companies to update their labels to reflect the findings.

“The FDA has received reports of camphoricides that are used in some products.

This has prompted us to develop a list of safety standards that may apply to these products.

We will continue to monitor these safety issues to identify any that are unsafe and to ensure that products are appropriately labeled,” the FDA statement said.

Some oils have already been removed from the US market, with most restricted to use by veterinarians.

The FDA did not say when the ban will be lifted.

In Australia, the government said it was monitoring the situation in the US but had no immediate plans to remove the camphor from the market.