Young Living oils’ oil pressure sensor in Canada is being manufactured

Young Living Oil has confirmed the Canadian-made sensor that is currently in the works for the team is manufactured in the US and will be made available in Canada in late 2018.

“The sensor will be manufactured in-house at Young Living and will come in the form of a box that is fitted with an infrared thermometer to measure the pressure on the oil as it comes into contact with the oil, similar to the pressure sensors used by the Canadian national women’s hockey team,” Young Living said in a statement.

“The sensor is being produced in-home and will not be shipped outside of Canada.”

The sensor has a digital temperature sensor which is mounted on the outside of the box and will measure the temperature of the oil on a scale.

The pressure sensors, which are also located on the inside of the unit, will measure pressure in the oil against a range of pressures.

“We’re excited to be making this sensor available in North America for our players to use,” Young Live Chief Operating Officer Alex Kollos said.

Young Living is currently competing in the WHL’s Memorial Cup for Team Canada and is the No. 2 oil production company in the world.

The Oil Pressure Sensing Team is a training program for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and has a full roster of female players.