Faux fur oil burner and charcoal grill: A little-known and potentially dangerous alternative to a gas burner

Faux-fur oil burners are the newest and most dangerous alternative.

And it’s easy to see why.

The burner is a portable, easy-to-clean, and inexpensive alternative to an oil burner, and the charcoal grill is essentially the same thing except that it’s portable, and you can easily throw away the charcoal in your yard or garden.

It’s also pretty easy to dispose of a small amount of charcoal, since it can be melted down for fuel.

And, of course, there’s the charcoal.

You can burn a small quantity of charcoal in a small area, and it’ll last for months.

That’s a big advantage over using a gas-powered burner.

In fact, the biggest drawback to the faux-fur burner is the price tag.

And for the price, the charcoal is a waste of money.

But with a little work and a little ingenuity, you can turn that waste into something you’ll actually enjoy cooking with.