When the US FDA says you can’t use an organic coconut oil oil, you can still use coconut oil

The Food and Drug Administration has ruled that organic coconut oils can be used for medicinal purposes, even though the agency has not made the distinction between organic coconut and conventional coconut oils.

Organic coconut oil is made by extracting the oil from coconut trees and can be found in coconut, coconut oil and coconut water.

The FDA issued the ruling in April, stating that it does not consider organic coconut to be a safe alternative to conventional coconut oil.

The agency says that organic palm oil and other plant-based oils can also be used to treat conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, and that the FDA does not think there are any “substantial adverse health effects” associated with using organic palm or coconut oil for cosmetic purposes.

Organically grown coconut oil can be stored at room temperature and should be used only in small quantities.

The government recommends that consumers buy only the organic coconut product they need.