Why we love the new Nintendo Switch game: “It’s so good”

The Switch is a brand new console and the only new console Nintendo has announced since the Wii U was launched in 2013.

But it has a long history of making great games and there’s a reason why the Switch has sold so well.

Here are ten reasons why it’s one of Nintendo’s best and most fun consoles ever.


The Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are designed for a first-person shooter like shooters are usually designed for.

Joy-Cons aren’t usually designed to be used for action games.

And when it comes to shooting, the Switch’s controllers are pretty damn good.

Joy Controllers are often designed for first- person shooters like shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Halo: Spartan Assault, but there are a lot of other games and shooters that can be played with them.

The DualShock 4 controller is great for games like Gears of War 4 and Halo 5: Guardians.

The Joy-CON controllers are great for gaming action games like Call.

The fact that the Switch is an entirely new console means it can handle many of the new shooters we’ve seen on consoles.

They have great ergonomics and feel great in your hands, making them ideal for first and third-person shooters.


The system’s motion controls are a big improvement over previous Nintendo consoles.

The new system has motion controls that are similar to those on the Switch.

These new controls make it easier to aim your weapons and move them around.

In action games, you don’t need to worry about moving your weapons too far or using the right trigger for a hit or a miss.

The motion controls make the game feel more responsive and fluid.


The Nintendo Switch’s display is gorgeous.

The Super Nintendo 64 used to have the highest resolution in gaming, but today’s TVs are more than twice as high.

This is because the Super Nintendo is a lot thinner than the Gamecube and the Wii.

The GameCube had a massive display that could show the same detail on the screen as a Super Nintendo console.

The SNES used to be a very bright display, but now it’s a little dimmer.

This allows the Nintendo Switch to show off the game more.

The resolution of the Nintendo Joy-cons on the new Switch is 10.5 inches.


The controller support for games has improved over the last couple of years.

Many of the Switch games are more action-oriented, which is good because action games tend to have higher difficulty.

The New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf are great examples.

The more action you can handle, the more fun you’ll have.

And the Switch controller is designed to work with the most popular games out there, including many first- and third-, and fourth-person-focused games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The controllers have a wide range of inputs.

There’s a lot more buttons on the Joy-con controllers than on the GameCube.

The buttons are much more comfortable to use, and they can also work with more complex controls like controllers with multiple triggers.


The wireless charging is super easy.

Wireless charging is one of the best things about the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U’s wireless charging ports are small and thin.

They also have a USB Type-C connector that lets you plug a USB-C-powered device into the console.

This eliminates the need for adapters or other wires.


The power button on the back of the Joy Contones is really cool.

When you hold the JoyCon controllers in your left hand, the power button is located right at the top.

This makes it easy to grab hold of the controller, push down on the trigger, and pull the Joycon controllers out.

You can even pull the power cord out of the console itself to charge your Nintendo Switch.


The gamepad works with most games.

The Xbox One’s controller doesn’t have a built-in gamepad, but it has some really cool features.

For example, the Xbox One controller can support the full controller range of Nintendo Switch games.

So, if you have an Xbox One, you can use the Nintendo Controller to play games that are designed to support the Joy Con controllers.


There are a ton of Nintendo accessories for the Switch, from accessories for your phone to accessories for gaming.

You don’t have to buy everything on the market, but you can buy some really good accessories.

The Controller, Joy-Contones, and Gamepad all have USB-A connectors that let you connect a USB gamepad or wireless controller to the Switch and play games.

It’s the same way you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

The Wireless Charging Adapter, Joy Controller Charger, and Wireless Wireless Controller are all good for playing games.


The software is great.

The games on the Nintendo Direct are great.

They feature a ton more Nintendo Switch content than any other console.

They’re all about exploring the new